Lexi Overholt and Scott Overholt Traverse City Commission Meeting - July

Scott & Lexi Overholt, Tri-Gas Distributing:

  • We acknowledge the city’s good work on the Traverse City Climate Action Plan. Its goal is to reduce emissions down to net zero by 2050.
  • Our only concern is the plan seems to be too reliant on the electrification of everything.
  • The Traverse City Climate Plan says it wants to transition their schools’ 100 diesel school bus fleet to electric school buses.
  • Replacing those diesel school buses with electric buses will cost the city around $40 Million. If we purchase propane busses… it will only cost around $10 Million.
  • Michigan does have a long history of using propane vehicles. There are over 33,000 of them on Michigan roads.
  • We agree with most of the reasons that are driving the growth of electric vehicles.
  • Our local Benzie Bus operator is helping us meet Traverse City’s Climate Plan goals.
  • Their fleet of 20 propane fueled transport vehicles has saved significant taxpayer money because propane fuel is cheaper, engines require less maintenance and the same power and torque as a diesel engine.
  • Since 2016, Bay Area Transportation Authority’s propane vehicle fleet has reduced Nitrogen Oxides(NOx) by over 90%. Nitrogen Oxides, a known aggravator of asthma and other breathing issues, is a pollutant given off by their old diesel buses.
  • Scientists along with human rights groups are pointing out the militia-controlled mining happening in the Congo are using children, their parents and other adults to mine the key ingredient in our Electric Vehicles – Cobalt. It’s a big problem when you realize the Congo supplies about 75% of the world’s cobalt.
  •  Lexi and Scott want to thank the Mayor and our commissioners for letting us present today.
picture of 1947 newspaper article detailing snowstorm, text reads: "It Has Happened Here Before"

Tri-Gas Distributing opened in Traverse City during the May 1947 snow storm, just in time to keep area family’s homes warm. 

propane transit bus with bike rack attached

Traverse City Bus Company uses clean running propane buses, saving taxpayer dollars and reducing emissions in the city

young African male holding piece of cobalt out of bag in wet, muddy mine quarry

The Congo supplies about 75% of the world’s cobalt in electric vehicles. They are using children, their parents and other adults to mine the key ingredient.