Propane can offer an off-grid lifestyle. When the power goes out from the grid, propane can keep the lights on - you can run your whole home or office off of propane.

As Michiganders, we all know that weather can often be the cause of our homes and businesses losing power. Michigan’s electric grid is particularly susceptible to weather events. According to a report from the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, “Michigan’s energy infrastructure is challenged by age, inefficient land use patterns, and maintenance backlogs. Many areas of Michigan are subject to frequent power losses in the aftermath of storms” and is currently the 6th most unreliable power grid in the nation.
While the Michigan Public Services Commission and Michigan utility companies are looking to increase accountability and improve the grid’s reliability while also attempting to transition to more renewable energy sources, progress is currently slow going. Thankfully, there are ways that home and business owners can shore up their energy reserves to protect themselves against power loss.
Propane is a low-carbon and low-emission energy option that can provide much-needed reliability all year round, especially in the coming winter months. Reliable power can be achieved by adding propane appliances and heating elements to homes and businesses. Power magazine reported that “according to the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), there are currently nearly 13 million U.S. households using propane for space heating, water heating, or cooking. That number is continuously growing as builders, remodelers, and homeowners are choosing propane for their construction projects.”
Since the electric grid is too often unreliable, having propane power in your home or business can provide a more reliable alternative for appliances, heating, as well as alternative power generation. Power magazine continues, “Not only does propane help reduce the strain on the fragile electric grid, but it provides customers with a stable, resilient, on-site energy source, and allows homes to safely function even when there are interruptions with the grid. Propane systems and appliances can continue to function when there is a power outage, and adding a propane-powered backup generator can further help customers achieve a more resilient home.”